Kikaua Beach, The Special Secret Beach On The Big Island 10/2017

Kikaua Beach, it’s not on any map, and most people don’t know about this secret beach on The Big Island. Black lava, white coral, and aquamarine waters combine in a dazzling array of contrast and color here. After spending the morning at the beautiful but rough and crowded Kua Bay, I was so happy to find […]

Dolphins In Hawaii: Kealakekua Bay On The Big Island 10/2017

While you will often see dolphins in Hawaii, the best place to get up close to them is  Kealakekua Bay On The Big Island. I still consider the day I spent there to be among one of the best days of my entire life. There was nothing more magical than being so close to the dolphins, swimming […]

Dream-Worthy Oahu Beaches That Aren’t In Waikiki 10/2017

Sadly, most tourists to Oahu only visit Waikiki, and they miss the most beautiful Oahu beaches. I avoid Waikiki. The beaches in that area are crowded and nothing what I think of when I think of the perfect Hawaiian beach. That’s why asked me to share some of my favorites you should check out on […]

Your Thailand Songkran Water Festival Guide 10/2017

The reason I first went to Thailand was to experience the Songkran Water Festival. And, I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought it was the greatest festival ever the first day I experienced it. I joined with many others in the water fights and absolutely love getting drenched and drenching others. By the third […]

Pokai Bay: A Sacred Beach On Oahu 10/2017

Pokai Bay, in Waianae, is the very essence of a Hawaiian Beach.  A calm bay, swaying palm trees, people playing their drums on the beach.  Just to the left of the bay is the Ku’ilioloa Heiau which is dedicated to a legendary dog kupua (spirit) who protected travelers.  How wonderful that I saw a dog […]


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