Zipolite Beach: A Complete Travel Guide 10/2017

The first time that I visited Zipolite beach on the Oaxaca coast of Mexico, it changed my life. I decided I would sell my house, quit my sales job, and move to Mexico, so that I could travel more. I now live in San Miguel de Allende, no longer own much of anything, and, yes, I […]

5 Barbados Beaches That Will Make You Wish You Were There Right Now 10/2017

The main reason why people want to go on a holiday to Barbados is to explore the glorious beaches. Barbados beaches have something for everyone whether you are looking to kayak, jet ski, snorkel, or just swim in the clear waters. Here are my suggestions for the best ones. 5 Barbados Beaches That Will Make You […]

Why You Don’t Want To Miss The Enchanting Kauai North Shore 10/2017

Kauai is a small island and you might be tempted to book your hotel in a more central area. But I’d highly recommend staying in two different areas of the island on your visit. Why? You don’t want to miss the dramatic Kauai North Shore. Why Stay At The Kauai North Shore Sure, you could […]

These Seychelles Beaches Will Give You Serious Wanderlust 10/2017

If someone offered me a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world right now, I would choose to go to the Seychelles. With untouched beaches, scenic hikes, and perfect weather, the Seychelles are at the top of my bucket list. Here are some stunning Seychelles beaches that you will want to visit on your Seychelles holidays. The […]

Costa Rica 10/2017

I loved the diversity of Costa Rica when I traveled there.  In just two weeks I got to have so many different kinds of experiences and see so many different types of things.  I  got to relax on a deserted beach that was on the edge of a rainforest.  Truly there was nothing like lying […]

Thailand 10/2017

Thailand is one of those exotic places where all the senses are aroused at once.  The scent of jasmine intoxicates the mind while delicious foods, sizzling on grills and woks, constantly beckon your mouth to taste them.  It can be full of activity, or you can find yourself on a remote beach with nothing but […]


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