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5 Barbados Beaches That Will Make You Wish You Were There Right Now 10/2017

The main reason why people want to go on a holiday to Barbados is to explore the glorious beaches. Barbados beaches have something for everyone whether you are looking to kayak, jet ski, snorkel, or just swim in the clear waters. Here are my suggestions for the best ones. 5 Barbados Beaches That Will Make You […]

Zipolite Beach: A Complete Travel Guide 10/2017

The first time that I visited Zipolite beach on the Oaxaca coast of Mexico, it changed my life. I decided I would sell my house, quit my sales job, and move to Mexico, so that I could travel more. I now live in San Miguel de Allende, no longer own much of anything, and, yes, I […]

7 Awe-Inspiring Things To Do In Iceland 10/2017

There are so many incredible reasons to visit Iceland, and so many things to do in Iceland, that I am getting really excited and have already started planning my trip that is coming up in April. I will be staying at the Eric The Red Guesthouse which looks incredibly charming. I am looking forward to the breakfasts there, and […]

The Top Portugal Beaches To Visit 10/2017

When I booked my trip to Portugal, I knew that there was beautiful places to see in Portugal, delicious food to eat, and incredible charm in Lisbon, but I never imagined how glorious the Portugal beaches would be. I think the Portugal beaches are some of the best beaches in Europe. Here’s my list of the top Portugal […]

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