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Dispatches from Philip He, WildChina Guide in Sichuan 10/2017

Today we went to Dujiangyan, the both sides of the streets are almost all occupied by tents of different shapes and from different material. Most people are still scared to go back to their apartment buildings. There are some better tents with big Chinese character 救灾 (Disaster-Relief), mostly they are only use for injured people […]

Guangxi: Soaking in the Natural Beauty 10/2017

The 2008 Olympic Games officially open today…and I’m nowhere near Beijing! I am in the same country, though, and in a beautiful, serene part that is a great reminder of all the natural wonders China has to offer. As with my other stops, I have met interesting people here in Guangxi province, south of Guizhou, […]

WildChina on the Web – 08/06/08 10/2017

Here’s an interview our founder Mei Zhang did for Everett Potter’s TRAVEL REPORT.* In it, she talks about China travel safety, little-known but incredible locations, and finding the off-the-beaten-path  China even in Beijing and Shanghai. Wow! Glowing WildChina endorsement from Fodor’s: “This foreign-managed travel company is probably the best in China.” Familiar faces: Here’s a […]

Olympic Updates and Beijing Travel Tips 10/2017

With the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics less than 3 days away, Beijing is gearing up for an incredible couple of weeks of games, celebrations, and international goodwill. Here at WildChina, we’re incredibly excited about the Games, and the spotlight they’ll bring to the city we call home. At the same time, the torch relay […]

Guizhou: Preserving Cultural Traditions 10/2017

Did you know that kung pao chicken originated in Guizhou province, not in Sichuan? Yes, food is on my mind, as I’ve been eating way too much. And, no, the title of my post isn’t referring to preserving food. It’s about preserving ancient cultural traditions, ones that have been passed down from one generation to […]

WildChina on the Web – 7/31/08 10/2017

Sometimes WildChina ends up in interesting places on the information super highway, so I thought it would be nice to share some of these links. I realize that these have been out there for awhile – let’s just say they took the slow boat from the US to get to the Beijing office. Here’s a […]

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