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Yunnan: Experiencing the Power of Lijiang & Zhongdian 10/2017

My month of travel came to close with two more stops in northern Yunnan province: Lijiang and Zhongdian. Traveling with two French-speaking families, I had many “lost in translation” moments (bonjour, ça va and merci can only get you so far). Fortunately, feeling the power of the local people, their surroundings and their spirituality was […]

Interview with Professor Frank Hawke 10/2017

One of the first 8 Americans who came over to study in China in the late 1970’s, Frank Hawke is a well-known figure in Beijing. Currently, Frank is the Chairman of Greater China for Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company, and has also held teaching positions in prestigious universities such as Beijing University and […]

Tasting Tea 10/2017

Relax. Detox. Heal. Awaken. The variety of Chinese teas are in the dozens and their uses are many. Green Tea Details: Most popular in China Has the most medical value and is low in caffeine Dried with heat and undergoes no fermentation process Promotes fat oxidation in humans at rest and to prevent obesity and […]

Don’t travel to China between October 1st and 7th 10/2017

Saw this email exchange between a client and my colleague, thought it’s really useful for anyone planning a trip to China in the fall. Clients email: My husband and I are planning a trip to Asia in late September and are very interested in visiting Tibet and Lijiang.  We will arrive September 26th to Shanghai and will […]

Best Shaolin Kungfu Performance in China 10/2017

I used to think that watching a show surrounded by hundreds of western tourists is not my thing at all. I am Chinese so I know China already, why would I even want to watch the same show with tourists? Well, glad I put away that silly bias of mine, and enjoyed a great show […]

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