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Beach Bliss: The Best Beach Vacation Spots 10/2017

To me, nothing makes for a better vacation than a beach vacation. When I go to the beach, I feel relaxed and centered again. Give me some sun and some sand, and I never want to leave. If you are looking for the best beach vacation spots, this list will inspire you to book that beach […]

5 Of The Best Wineries Worth Traveling For 10/2017

We all have different things that influence our travel bucket list. For some of us, its art and culture, for others its the world’s best beaches that draw us in. A lot of us plan our travel around food. But, more and more people are planning their vacations around where the best wineries are. So, here […]

Your Thailand Songkran Water Festival Guide 10/2017

The reason I first went to Thailand was to experience the Songkran Water Festival. And, I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought it was the greatest festival ever the first day I experienced it. I joined with many others in the water fights and absolutely love getting drenched and drenching others. By the third […]

5 Places You Should Visit in Greece This Year 10/2017

Lately, Greece has been on my mind. I can’t seem to get its sapphire blue waters, white sands, and tantalizing food out of my mind.  So, here are 5 places you should visit in Greece this year that I hope make your vacation to Greece unforgettable. 1. Crete Crete is going to be my first stop in […]

5 Ways To Know Palermo 10/2017

I have a word of advice for you if you are arriving in Palermo. Do not and I mean, do not, think that because you know Italy that you know Sicily. And do not think that because you know Sicily that you will know Palermo. Even though Sicily is part of Italy, Sicilians will be […]

5 Best Snorkeling Spots In The World 10/2017

One of the reasons I like beaches so much is because I love snorkeling. I love the ocean life that I see and the feeling of being in a different world when I am snorkeling. Here are the best snorkeling spots that I have been to. 5 Best Snorkeling Spots In The World 1. Raja Ampat, Papua […]

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