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Blue Whale Watching In Sri Lanka 10/2017

If you want to go whale watching in Sri Lanka, the best area for this is in Mirissa.  In fact, that is the main reason to visit Mirissa.  The beach isn’t spectacular, but the blue whales that swim in its water are incredible.  The blue whales are the largest animal that have ever lived.  Blue […]

5 Reasons Why Cinque Terre Is The Worst Place Ever 10/2017

When I planned my trip to Europe, the Cinque Terre was one of the places I looked forward to visiting most. I would be going in April, during off-season, and really looked forward to encountering this place I had heard so much about. On my travels, nature is what speaks to me the most and I had […]

Oahu Hiking: Why You Will Love Manoa Falls 10/2017

When the first Polynesians arrived on Oahu, Hawaii, it was mainly forest. Most people who don’t live in Hawaii or who haven’t visited don’t realize that there is still tropical rainforest on Oahu. The forest of Oahu is full of eucalyptus trees, Koa hardwoods, Norfolk pine trees, banana trees, ginger, coffee shrubs, and so much more. […]

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