WildChina on the Web – 08/21/08 10/2017

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One of our new associates, Sarah, happened to find this picture of  WildChina at work on the Great Wall at Mutianyu on the China Daily website.  China Daily is China’s English-language newspaper.


WildChina on the Great Wall at Mutianyu

For this event, WildChina brought costumed guards to the Great Wall at Mutianyu for our clients to take pictures with. I bet the China Daily photographer wanted one too – maybe next time?

We also had a yo-yo master, a taichi expert, and Imperial costumes for guests to wear for photos on the Wall. We’ve been doing similar activities in the Forbidden City recently, and it’s been really fun for everyone involved, especially for people who’d been to those places before. (OK, maybe not so fun for the guards wearing all of that armor in August Beijing sun, but they had great attitudes about it and didn’t complain at all. Really nice guys!)

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